Jill and Raoul's Wedding Info

(sister of the bride)

August Seventeenth, Two Thousand Three,
a day that will live in history.
Raoul and Jill finally tie the knot -
after all these years, who would've thought.

The day began glorious and grand -
the sun was shining as if it were planned.
A brunch with coffee cake and friends -
and special drink of a different blend.

Aparna began with her chai to prepare -
then Jeffrey decides to hide the silverware.
Matt comes by to cook the browns -
and Shannon pitches in without a frown.

Then hurray, it's time to eat!
Boy is that coffee cake sweet?!
Then a toast is sprinkled with special wishes -
Finished up by Rick and Jo doing the dishes.

Then it's off to the Tofu Ranch -
so much work, I hope they don't blanch.
Not to worry, folks already there -
Zeek's conjuring a castle out of thin air.

Mary and Julie try to match the tablecloths
and put out plates painted by Raoul's betroth.
Needing tools, Joel flies away hence -
to return and attach plants to the fence.

Beverages waiting to be chilled in a boat from the past -
Raoul and Marko stringing lights up the mast.
Boy that's hard, good thing they have a diploma.
Hey a call just came in, the ice is in Tacoma!

Friends arrive early, so Jill puts them to work.
Jessie looks nice, by some strange quirk.
Eric and Lynn playing music for the guests -
Doug snapping pictures of people in their best.

Kilted Katie blows on her pipes -
Mary signals the time is ripe.
Andrea jumps in to walk with Julie -
Hand in hand, new friendship evolves truly.

Zak and Jordan locked cases bring -
on their special mission to guard each ring.
Then Linda escorts Jill down the aisle -
as flowers in her hands friends do pile.

At last skirted Matt starts his speech -
and Judaism Don begins to teach.
Commitment is asked of the gathered crowd -
they shout their response nice and loud.

Felicia offers Raoul a glass to break -
then astounds the crowd with the kiss he takes.
East and West has forged a new bond -
as they march off to the Star Wars song.

The receiving line begins at the barbeque
Raoul as chef, no one can outdo
Felicia and Don shucking corn
Potluck cuisine the plates adorn

The castle cake makes it to the table -
complete with moat as if from a fable.
As the happy couple cut the cake -
cheers of joy their friends do make.

So I hope you thought my poem was worth the giving -
for after all "The undocumented life is not worth living!"